Last week, Tjeerd Peeters of Hortus Vyvere and Remco de Boer of Sous Fresh entered into an important collaboration. Sous Fresh will be the exclusive distributor of the special vegetables Tjeerd cultivates with his company Hortus Vyvere.

Hortus Vyvere

A number of years ago, Tjeerd dedicated himself to the production of niche vegetables, such as red meat radishes, Jerusalem artichokes and turnips in the Maasbree area near Venlo, the Netherlands.

Agreement: combining forces

Combining the reTjeerd Peeters van Hortus Vyveresources of both companies has been a deliberate choice. “I can now completely focus on what I enjoy and where my passion is – cultivating special types of vegetables. I want to remain innovative in that area and, more importantly, I want to supply excellent quality,” says Peeters.
Up till now he also had to deal with, for example, logistics and sales. “Sous Fresh is going to take over those tasks from me,” Peeters explains, enthusiastically. “And this gives me space to completely focus on the cultivation side of my business.”

For existing customers of Hortus Vyvere this means they will be in contact with sales organisation Sous Fresh for the daily order of business. Sous Fresh will also take care of logistics in future.

For more information, please contact  Mr. Roy Peters Tel: +31 (0)77 3230215