Insights into the latest trends

The world of gastronomy, fruit and vegetables is changing all the time. Sous Fresh constantly monitors the latest trends and developments for you. We identify new customer needs and changes in the market so that you get to hear about them first – via this website, our newsletter and through the various events.


Popularity of vegetables on the rise

One major development is the fact that people want to eat ever more varied and healthy food. Consumers are demanding more vegetables and less meat and that is reflected in your kitchen. Vegetables are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the finest dishes. Offering a larger proportion of vegetables on the menu is also better for the environment. More greens on a plate is the tastiest route to a greener world.

A gentle push into the right direction

All that the consumer needs is a gentle push into the right direction in order to eat more fruit and vegetables. The professional chef is in the position to give this push, as the study of Stichting Variatie in de Keuken and Wageningen UR shows. For a period of three months, a part of guests…