Fresh ideas on a daily basis

Just imagine always working with the finest fresh produce, being amazed over and over again by new fresh experiences, flavors and gastronomic sensations. Ask your wholesaler or foodservice supplier about Sous Fresh and discover how fruit and vegetable can elevate your dishes. When it comes to fruit and vegetables Sous Fresh is your right hand in the kitchen, offering daily fresh inspiration and top quality ingredients.


Let’s create something new

Sous Fresh is the premium partner for professional cooks who simply want more than premium quality and security of supply…. Sous Fresh helps you get the most out fruits and vegetables. Together we share a deep passion for fresh produce. We are always looking for unique, ground-breaking products and do whatever it takes to help you create new master pieces with them. By now you’ve figured out our ambition is not merely being a supplier; we want to be your knowledge partner and advisor, helping you achieve excellence in fruit and vegetables.


Be first, be fresh

Are you are looking for a special fresh product that isn’t featured in our standard range? Then we’ll switch to our Four Corners service. This means that we literally search the globe to find that exclusive fruit or special vegetable for you. And we’ll keep on searching until you have it. Sous Fresh delivers. Always.
What’s more, we search high and low for new taste sensations and products to surprise you with, so that we can continue to offer you ideas, concepts, fruit and vegetables that will trigger your imagination and ignite your creative spark. With Sous Fresh at your side you will tap into the latest trends first, or beter yet, be the one to launch the latest culinary sensation.


Global sourcing, key partnerships

Our greatest strength is our global sourcing capacity. Over the years we have developed a strong network of partners and key-suppliers that meet our high standards. Buying directly from these sources allows us to offer you a truly consistent supply of top quality fresh products, all year round. Delivered in mixed pallets or in large volumes. Whether it’s specialties or standard products we always supply exactly the quantity needed. With compliments of Sous Fresh.


Prepared for anything

All our services are tailored to the needs of professional chefs, starting with packaging. We’ve designed it with kitchen ease of use in mind. To make things even easier for you, we’ve washed and even pre-cut some of our vegetables. This semi-convenience product range has been carefully assembled, without compromising flavour or freshness.

Do you want to know more about Sous Fresh and all the fresh things we can do for your business? Please check out our products and contact us directly. Call us at +31 (0)77 323 02 30 or send an e-mail to We will get you in touch with one of the selected suppliers that carry our products.