Daily fresh possibilities

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, Sous Fresh supports you to meet your customers’ every need and surpass all their expectations. What professional chefs ask for tomorrow is what we deliver to you today.

Sous Fresh is the leading service partner and key supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables to wholesalers, food service companies and gastronomic suppliers. Over the years we have developed a strong network of partners, growers and suppliers that meet our high standards. Buying directly from these sources allows us to offer you a truly consistent supply of top quality fresh products, all year round. Delivered in mixed pallets or in large volumes. Whether it’s specialties or standard products we always supply exactly the quantity needed. With compliments of Sous Fresh.


Gastronomic inspiration

Your customers demand more than just the best fruit and vegetables. We help you to add value to your business by continuously tapping into new trends en developments. By offering new, ground-breaking fresh products, new taste sensations and gastronomic concepts we give your customers all the ingredients they need to develop entirely new recipes and dishes.


Sous Fresh – the Brand

You can do so much more with fruit and vegetables. Our great passion is to help you offer professional chefs fresh produce with that inexpressible wow factor that keeps them delighted, excited and inspired. This is why we developed the Sous Fresh “Chef’s Inspiration” brand in addition to our basic product range. Sous Fresh “Chef’s Inspiration” is our very own line of special, innovative, new products. Here you have a unique selection of fruit and vegetables that fulfils our ambition of opening up a new world of inspiration for the professional chef.


Your strategic partner

With Sous Fresh you are always up to date with the last developments and trends in our business and you know everything there is to know about smart and creative ways to use fruit and vegetables. And, even more important: you can surprise your customers time and again with yet another amazing new kind of fruit or vegetable. We want to really join forces and give you everything you need to sell fruit and vegetable even better. We’ve created special training and marketing materials to inspire your sales team, so they learn to think in terms inspiration and application of fresh produce rather then focus on the products itself. Together we will turn your people into authentic fruit and vegetable connoisseurs so they feel confident in their role as adviser to the professional chef. In addition to these efforts you can be sure we will support our new brand Sous Fresh “Chef’s Inspiration” with some serious marketing power.


Considering fruits and vegetables?

Do you want to raise the potential of the fruit and vegetables you sell or are you looking for the best way to start selling them? Sous Fresh is the strategic partner you are looking for. In addition to supplying the very finest fresh products, we offer you all the expertise and support you need. Over the last period we’ve successfully helped several gastronomic suppliers in fresh produce (like meat or fish) start selling fruits, vegetables and potatoes in addition to their current product range.

Would you like to learn more about Sous Fresh and what we could do for you? Check out our products and get in touch. Call us on +31 (0)77 323 02 30 or send an e-mail to info@sousfresh.com, we will make a crispy fresh appointment.