The Sous Fresh Chefs Inspiration label

Our great passion is to help you offer professional chefs fresh produce with that inexpressible wow factor that keeps them delighted, excited and inspired. This is why we developed the Sous Fresh “Chefs Inspiration” brand in addition to our basic product range.

Sous Fresh “Chefs Inspiration” is our very own line of special, innovative, new products. Here you have a unique selection of fruit and vegetables that fulfils our ambition of opening up a new world of inspiration for the professional chef.


Sous Fresh supplies crucial ingredients:
fresh produce to create an unforgettable culinary experience.

Our entire provision of services is tailored to the wishes of professional chefs. It begins with the packaging which, where needed, has been completely designed for convenience in the professional kitchen.

And, to make it easier still for chefs, some of our vegetables are provided washed and even pre-cut. This semi-convenience assortment has been chosen with care, without any compromise made to flavour and freshness.

Fruit and vegetables must meet strict requirements to qualify for the Sous Fresh label:

  • What the professional chef wants
  • Inspiring, innovative and surprising
  • Ready for use straight away
  • Unique flavour
  • Identifiable
  • In special gourmet food packaging
  • Class 1
  • Quality standard and food safety compliant
Sous Fresh offers chefs innovative products in precisely the quantities they need.

In addition to the Sous Fresh label, we also supply a full range of fruit and vegetables under the Aroma label and a number of other brands.