Full range of fruit and vegetables

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, Sous Fresh supports you to meet your customers’ every need and surpass all their expectations. What professional chefs ask for tomorrow is what we deliver to you today.

Sous Fresh: in fruit and vegetables, we are the ultimate service partner and supplier to wholesalers, food service companies and gourmet suppliers. We supply fresh produce of consistent quality all year round. By purchasing directly throughout the world, we ensure maximum control of quality, price and continuity.

For you, this means reliable delivery in exactly the quantities you want: from combined pallets to large volumes, from specialities to routine products.


Sous Fresh is the chef’s number one assistant for fruit and vegetables.


With Sous Fresh you get the benefit of sourcing all your fruit and vegetables from just one supplier all year round.

Our fruit and vegetables in detail

Looking for a special fresh product for one of your customers, not included in our standard range? If so, we’ll turn to our Four Corners Service. Whatever it takes, we’ll find what you need for your customer. Sous Fresh delivers. Every time.

Want to find out more about our products? Then get in touch. Call us on +31 (0)77 323 02 30 or email us at info@sousfresh.com and we will gladly arrange an appointment.