A new standard in fruit and vegetables

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, Sous Fresh supports you to meet your customers’ every need and surpass all their expectations. What professional chefs ask for tomorrow is what we deliver to you today. As your service partner and fruit and vegetable expert, we’ll be more than happy to work with you, advise you on preparation methods and give you exciting serving suggestions. And with our Four Corners service we’ll find just the fruit or vegetable you’re looking for – guaranteed! How do we do it?


Partner and logistics networks

With so many years of experience and expertise under our belts, we have developed a strong network of partners, growers and suppliers. We work with carefully selected key and general suppliers we can rely on to meet our high standards.

As a result, we can supply fresh products of a consistently high quality – on time, all year round. Our key suppliers work with us to develop inspiring products and, like us, they go that extra mile to provide you with inspiration.

We also have an extensive logistics network through which we can deliver the best fresh products to you the precise moment they are at their very best.


The essence of Sous Fresh three times over

    • Mission
      With top quality and innovative fresh products and services, we offer your customers an even wider choice of gastronomic options. With our fruit and vegetables, you can help chefs serve up a unique fresh experience for their guests.
    • Vision
      Sous Fresh strives to offer the finest fresh products with the shortest possible distance from the plant to the customer. As a reliable partner and source of inspiration we not only want to provide our customers with what they need, but also to inspire them time and again with new ideas, products and variations. So that fruit and vegetables are not just a side issue but essential gastronomic ingredients.
    • CSR statement
      Everything we supply comes from nature herself, so we treat her with the greatest possible care and respect. To us, corporate social responsibility means doing business with maximum respect for people, the environment, nature and the community in which we operate. This manifests itself in a great number of conscious choices, from the selection of growers to ensuring our products are packed and shipped as sustainably as possible.

Food safety

It’s a given that we comply with all the conditions relating to the major food safety standards such as HACCP, Skal and IFS Broker. For this purpose we have strict agreements in place with our key suppliers and partners.

We also take the increase in the number of people with food allergies very seriously. Where necessary we provide reliable and complete allergen information on our products. In doing so we more than meet the statutory requirements.

Want to know more about Sous Fresh and what we can do for you? Look at our products or get in touch with us. Call us on +31 (0)77 323 02 30 or email us at info@sousfresh.com, and we will gladly arrange an appointment.