Key values at Sous Fresh

We supply such a diverse range of fruit and vegetables that it is almost impossible to believe they all come from one partner. Yet by always adhering to our four key values, everything we do is instantly recognisable as Sous Fresh.


Our key values are:

    • Focus
      We are fully focused on delivering the products, services and innovations needed to guarantee a gastronomic freshness experience.
    • Passion
      We are passionate about our search for new taste sensations, concepts and different uses for fresh ingredients.
    • Integrity
      Sous Fresh’s success is due in no small part to the trust we place in our customers and suppliers. We expect all our employees to act with respect, sincerity and honesty to everyone both inside and outside the organisation.
    • Commitment
      We have a clear commitment towards our customers. Our team works 24/7 providing solutions and exceptional service so that our customers can achieve maximum growth. Every day we look for new ways of improving our business, our service to our customers and both our customer’s and our own profitability.
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