The natural development of Sous Fresh

For more than 70 years Sous Fresh has been supplying a full range of fruit and vegetables all year round. Founded in 1941 as PeDe, the company went on to become synonymous with top quality fruit and vegetables.


Specialising more and more

Over the years we have developed a strong partner network with growers and suppliers and a sophisticated logistics network for fresh daily deliveries to our customers. Gradually we have specialised more and more in providing a bespoke service. Small packs, exclusive products and innovations, and fruit and vegetables with which chefs can really make a difference.


From PeDe to Sous Fresh

To emphasise our position in the market as a supplier of fresh products and a source of inspiration, at the beginning of 2015 we changed our name from PeDe to Sous Fresh. With a new image and a strong focus, we want to raise fruit and vegetables to a higher level.

Sous Fresh leads the way in fresh inspiration and reliable delivery of the very best fruit and vegetables every day, so that your customers can create more and more fresh, new gastronomic experiences for their guests.


Part of the Best Fresh Group

Sous Fresh is part of the Best Fresh Group, a group of independent companies each with its own specialisms. The companies in the group complement one another perfectly, with the result that we can all serve you, our customer, in the best possible way. Production, sales and delivery of a full range of fruit and vegetables are therefore guaranteed within one group.

Best Fresh Group was established in 2008 from Valstar Holland, a company that has been trading since 1928.