All that the consumer needs is a gentle push into the right direction in order to eat more fruit and vegetables. The professional chef is in the position to give this push, as the study of Stichting Variatie in de Keuken and Wageningen UR shows.

onderzoekFor a period of three months, a part of guests at a restaurant chain were served 31% more fruit and vegetables and less fish and meat. The outcome was that consumers rated the meals containing more vegetables just the same as meat or fish dishes – as good and filling.

This conclusion has a side benefit for the professional chef. Besides variety, colour and taste does a dish containing vegetables also offer a higher profit margin, when being sold at the price of a meal with fish or meat.

An increasing use of vegetables in the restaurant kitchen is a trend which is here to stay. Because of the scientific validation, it is going to sustain even longer. Health is the main argument and taste, colour and inspiration make the perfect support.