You can do so much more with fruit and vegetables!

Sous Fresh leads the way in fresh inspiration and reliable delivery of the very best fruit and vegetables every day. We supply fresh products of consistent quality all year round. Delivered in mixed pallets or in large volumes. Always on time and perfectly fresh.


But that’s not all – we go further, to surprise you with new varieties, flavours, concepts and uses. That’s Sous Fresh at its best – the culinary sparring partner to top chefs who want to do more with fruit and vegetables.


Strong brands, culinary inspiration

With Aroma and our other house brands, Icons and Discovered, we offer a full range of top quality produce. Our great passion is to help you offer professional chefs fresh produce with that inexpressible wow factor that keeps them delighted, excited and inspired. This is why we developed the Sous Fresh “Chefs Inspiration” brand in addition to our basic product range.
Sous Fresh “Chefs Inspiration” is our very own line of special, innovative, new products.
Here you have a unique selection of fruit and vegetables that fulfils our ambition of opening up a new world of inspiration for the professional chef.

Want to know more about the added value of Sous Fresh and how we can help you? Look at our products or get in touch with us. Call us on +31 (0)77 323 02 30 or email us at, and we will gladly arrange an appointment.